The presentation of the 7th Forum is up, save the date 4th and 5th july 2016 :


The annual meeting for regional and overseas authorities committed to cooperation actions with their partners (institutions, NGOs, sponsors, charities)

A forum for discussing, learning, teaching and moving international cooperation projects forward...

 Presentation of the 7th Forum

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The 7th edition of the Forum will be an opportunity to capitalise on the strong international mobilisation as many delegates from "local and regional authorities" will be running a "country pavilion". It is also a chance to meet authority managers as well as public and private operators who could accelerate their local public services and land planning.
This year, our forum will witness an exciting upscaling with the dual focus of local economic diplomacy and sustainable land development, following the COP 21 that took place in Paris last December. An appeal for decentralised cooperation to encourage "life together" at a time when the world is witnessing serious and tangible tensions everywhere, events hosted by different French public sector representatives, focus meetings on demands from overseas authorities, talks by private operators recognised for their expertise... All these subjects and approaches will boost the usefulness of the Forum and the cohesion of everyone involved within their representative bodies!


portrait mederic petit

Médéric PETIT,
Forum General Director

portrait gallet

Bertrand Gallet,
Cités Unies France Director

The annual forum in a few figures:


  • 1,500 visitors: elected officials, executives, French public sector technicians, representatives from overseas authorities working in cooperation with French cities and regions, private operators, consulting and financing specialists…
  • 150 speakers
  • 10 plenary conferences & themed sessions
  • 15 country and partner focus sessions, meetings for regions and countries in the CUF

National Commission for Decentralised Cooperation, General Meeting of Cités Unies France, Working groups, reproduction of specific research, press conferences, country focus meetings and many key events organised by partners.
Informal or statutory work, meetings, discussions and chats, inaugurations and convention signing, a lunch cocktail party...

Cités Unies France has been federating French authorities for 40 years committed to international actions. It is the place where concepts are imagined, where parliamentary and governmental lobbying takes place and where decentralised cooperation is organised.
500 members and a network of 5,000 French regional authorities committed to decentralised cooperation and nearly 13,000 projects in 145 countries...
Nearly 30 country groups, 10 themed groups, conferences, research trips overseas...

Contractual partnerships with French associations of local elected officials (AMF, AMGVF, ADF, ARF).

An activity developed in partnership with the UN, the French Development Agency, the European Commission, United Cities and Local Governments of Africa, United Cities and Local Governments, etc. who benefit from financial support from the French Foreign Office as part of the DAECT convention.
The monthly decentralised cooperation newsletter, a website and various publications help share information and advice...



The 6th Forum will take place on 29th and 20th June 2015 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris.
2, place de la Porte Maillot - 75017 PARIS
Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 68 22 22
Entrance on the Neuilly side of the building - Espace Havane - 3rd floor


  • By metro: Porte Maillot station, line 1
  • By RER: Neuilly-Porte Maillot station, line C
  • By bus: lines 82, 73, 43, 244, PC 1, 2 and 3
  • By car: on the inner ring-road take the Porte Maillot exit, on the outer ring-road take the Porte des Ternes exit (underground car park 1,500 spaces)



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Le Forum de l’Action Internationale des Collectivités est le rendez annuel des collectivités territoriales engagées dans des actions de coopération autour de leurs partenaires (institutions, bailleurs de fonds, entreprises, ONG et associations).
Sa 6ème édition se tiendra lundi 29 et mardi 30 Juin 2015, au Palais des Congrès de Paris.

Lancé il y a 6 ans par Cités Unies France et Media Contact Services avec le soutien du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et de l’Agence Française de Développement, le Forum mobilise près de 1500 décideurs publics (élus et cadres) dont une trentaine de délégations étrangères, venus consolider leurs réseaux et tisser de nouveaux liens pour développer leurs projets de coopération.

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